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2 biggest loser

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UFC results: Full list of biggest winners (and loser) from "Holloway vs Aldo 2" yesterday (Sat., Dec.2, ) in Detroit, Michigan including the stars who shined. The Biggest Loser: Families is the sixth season of the NBC reality television series The Biggest Loser. The sixth season premiered on September 16, , featuring. Created by David Broome, Mark Koops, Ben Silverman. With Bob Harper, Alison Sweeney, Jillian Michaels, Dolvett Quince. The simple idea of The Biggest Loser.


2 biggest loser
Scana was the worst-performing stock in the S&P today. Created by David Broome, Mark Koops, Ben Silverman. With Bob Harper, Alison Sweeney, Jillian Michaels, Dolvett Quince. The simple idea of The Biggest Loser. Mar 07,  · Watch full episodes of The Biggest Loser and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at
2 biggest loser
2 biggest loser 2 biggest loser
2 biggest loser 2 biggest loser
The Biggest Loser: Families is the sixth season of the NBC reality television series The Biggest Loser. The sixth season premiered on September 16, , featuring. Discover the life-changing Biggest Loser weight loss resorts. Our weight loss retreats are located in California, New York & Florida. #1 Weight loss program. You can lose weight like The Biggest Loser contestants without having to spend time at the ranch. This free 1-week meal plan, excerpted from The Biggest Loser Day.
2 biggest loser 2 biggest loser

The sixth season premiered on September 16, , [1] featuring Alison Sweeney as the host and Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as the contestants' trainers. The cast was revealed on August 29, Eight duos began the challenge, for a total of 16 contestants. In week 8, the teams were split again and the competition went into individuals.

Amy Cremen was originally under Jillian's training, but in week 5, was placed in and eliminated under Bob's training. Phillip Parham started the competition under Bob's training but was eliminated under Jillian's training. Michelle Aguilar was named the Biggest Loser on December 16, , after losing pounds. Total Votes counts only the votes given to the eliminated contestant that were revealed at the elimination.

The total does not count unrevealed votes if the contestant has already received the required number of votes needed to be eliminated. In week 5, the teams were shuffled up. Heba won the temptation that gave her the power to choose the new blue and black teams, and as a result, Heba, Vicky, Brady, Amy C. When Ed re-entered the game in week 8, he went to Bob's Blue Team. In week 7, the Black Team lost the team challenge, and as a penalty, Michelle's weight loss was not counted towards their total team's weight loss.

Families includes eight duos — four married couples and four parent-child pairings. It was announced that the married teams would train with Bob on his side of the gym, while the parent—child teams would train with Jillian on her side of the gym.

As with prior seasons, the contestants were selected in surprise announcements—among notable ones, the Pink team was announced during a service at Fellowship Church the large DFW-area megachurch.

The teams visited with Dr. Robert Huizenga, or Dr H. The doctor displayed images of the contestants' unhealthy bodies, and explained their biological age age based on health as compared with their physical age age based on how long the person has actually lived.

All of the contestants' biological ages were significantly older than their physical ages; all gained at least 10 years, and two contestants were actually 25 years or more older internally than they were externally. The teams participated in the first challenge, which was a mile hike over a hill. There were seven prizes available for claiming: The last pair up the mountain would have to claim a two-pound penalty for their total weight loss.

Due to health concerns, both Jerry Yellow and Tom Gray had to sit out the challenge. Colleen of the Yellow team made it up the hill first and claimed immunity. The Brown team came in last and were given the two-pound penalty. At the weigh-in the Brown team had the highest percentage of weight loss for the week despite their two-pound penalty.

The Orange team and the Green team fell below the yellow line with the lowest percentages of weight loss. At the elimination ceremony only the votes of the Brown, Red and Gray teams were revealed. The Gray Team won the extra vote at the challenge, and cast two votes. All three teams voted for the green team. Having received four out of the seven votes, the Green team was the first team to be eliminated. She offered the teams an opportunity to participate in an auction, bidding on their percentage of weight loss for their duo.

The winning duo was the Yellow team, bidding to lose 2. At the challenge, teams were to go down a Slip 'n Slide , then walk back up a hill.

For each timed round, team members took turns on the hill. If a contestant did not make it up the hill within the time limit, their team was eliminated from competition. The last team remaining was declared the winner, and won a call home. Ed and Heba of the Orange team won, and then Ali told them that they would be able to choose another team that would also be allowed to call home.

They gave that chance to the Red team, Amy P. Teams were then visited by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito , who worked with one member of each team to make a healthy, affordable meal. The non-cooking contestants selected the Amy C. As a prize, the Purple Team was awarded a year's worth of groceries.

At the weigh in, Amy P. The Yellow team weighed in last, losing only 11 combined pounds, falling three pounds short of their goal, and were placed below the yellow line as a penalty. Of the five teams that could vote, the first three all voted for LT and Tom, the Gray team, resulting in their elimination.

Though the outcome would not have changed salt was added to the wounds when Heba and Ed went against their word and voted the grey team out after being saved by grey the previous week. For this week, the contestants spent most of the week on a trip in the Grand Canyon.

During the trip, it is shown that the contestants may have not exercised as much as they should have, and had a difficult time adapting to the new environment. This week's challenge was a canoe challenge. Players would have 90 seconds to paddle their canoe out into the water, then after that, players from the other teams would have to pull in opponent's canoes to stop them from paddling out more.

The Orange Team won the challenge and were rewarded with a stay in a luxury RV while the rest of the teams remained in tents. While at the canyon, the contestants celebrated Colleen's 24th birthday. Upon returning to the ranch, the contestants and trainers have conflict over the lack of exercise.

The contestants complained of either not knowing how to use the equipment given to them or being in an environment not conducive to exercise. At the weigh-in, Ali announces that starting this week, only one family will fall below the yellow line instead of two. The family below the yellow line will have to pick one of the family members to be eliminated, and that team will have the only vote at the elimination. The Red Team was the biggest loser team of the week, with a percentage of 2. After an hour of deliberating, the Yellow Team decided to send Jerry home to allow his hamstring injury to heal.

The episode begins with Colleen in the confessional talking about what it's like being the only one without her partner. Jillian took the girls to a fitness center for personal training. She found it difficult to work with Shellay, as she was always reluctant to work out as hard as Amy C. For the Week 4 challenge, contestants were made to stand on a bar in a pool full of water, while holding another bar overhead.

During the challenge the pool was drained, thus affecting the buoyancy of the contestants making it harder for them to hold the bar. After 90 minutes, with the rules changed to where the contestants could hold the bar with only one hand, several contestants began to fall into the water and were eliminated. Over the next 10 minutes, the remaining teams are eliminated until only Vicky, from the Brown Team, and Amy C.

After nearly 2 hours of the challenge, Amy C. As a prize, the Brown team received a package from home. They also got to pick another team to receive the same prize. Vicky and Brady selected the Purple team, who were runners-up in the challenge.

Later on, while working out, Jillian found out that her players were not keeping up to her standards, thus sending her into a rage. She even went as far as kicking Amy C. But she came back later, and Jillian complimented her for her choice. At the weigh-in, the elimination risk was once again based on last week's twist: The Orange team decided to send Ed home, with Heba remaining on campus, joining Coleen now as the only two contestants without their partners. The temptation is one that could turn the game upside down forever.

The contestants were in a room with baked goods. Whoever ate the most calories in 10 minutes would be able to choose the new teams, black and blue. However, the lights were off so no one could see who was eating what. In the end, Heba won the temptation and kept her original team except for switching Phillip to the black team and putting Amy C. The challenge this week was the longest challenge in Biggest Loser history. It lasted for 14 hours. The teams would have to walk up and down the mountain for 14 hours.

After they reached the top or bottom of the mountain, they had to take a picture. If all 5 members were in the picture, they would get a bonus point. After several hours, it started to become hotter and hotter. Everyone decided to take a break. Shellay and Colleen wondered if the other team was actually telling the truth.

They were thinking of going out during the break to walk but did not. In the end, the black team won the 2 pound advantage at the next weigh in. Also, Brady walked the most out of anyone, by walking 20 miles. Michelle was emotional because she thought her dad wouldn't love her if she loved her mom. Jillian let Michelle talk to her dad and he encouraged her to stay and said she was his inspiration. He thought that what she was thinking was silly and that he loves her.

At the weigh in, Ali wonders if Michelle is going to quit, and in the end, Michelle ends up staying. The black team loses a combined total of 30 pounds plus the 2 pound from the challenge. The blue team had to lose more than 33 pounds in order to stay safe. Brady, Vicky, and Amy P. The pressure was on Heba and she had to lose more than 6 pounds.

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